HEPA Filter Testing

Saturn Safety offers on-site DOP testing for your HEPA equipped air movers. A DOP test is a process that tests the integrity of the HEPA filter using a dispersed aerosol solution.  This solution generates a gas type smoke and gas particles that will be greater than .03 microns.  The test certifies the HEPA filter is fully functioning and there is no leakage or damage.

Any equipment that has HEPA filters should be tested every time the equipment is moved or being used on a new project.  Equipment being used on a long job should be tested every 4 weeks.  For best results testing should be done on the job site

Respirator Fit Testing

We perform fit testing for respirators to test the effectiveness of the seal of safety masks. Simply call us to schedule an appointment.

As per CSA standards, fit testing should occur before the first use of a respirator and re-testing should be done no more than two years after the first test, but is recommended annually.


For orders placed within Edmonton and the surrounding area, we can deliver directly to your office or job site. Ask your sales representative for details.

*Some exceptions may apply